Companysort iconRegular Meeting - July 2017 - OSHA Enforcement UpdateSeminar/Training - Air Pollution, Asbestos and Dust, Oh My! - 8/8/17Regular Meeting - August 2017 - The Role of The Local Emergency Planning CommitteeSeminar/Training - CPR, First Aid, AED, Bloodborne Pathogen - 8/24/17Seminar/Training - Aerial Lift Training 8/30/17Seminar/Training - Fighting the Opiate Epidemic - 9/12/17Regular Meeting - September 2017 - Active Shooter: Are you Prepared?Seminar/Training - CPR, First Aid, AED, Bloodborne Pathogen - 9/26/17Seminar/Training - Powered Industrial Truck: Train the Trainer 10/11/17Regular Meeting - October 2017 - Fire: What to Do Before, During and AfterSeminar/Training - New Silica Regulations - They May Apply To You! - 10/26/17Seminar/Training - Fall Protection - 11/6/17Seminar/Training - What You Need to Know About OSHA Reporting and Recordkeeping 11/7/17Seminar/Training - CPR, First Aid, AED, Bloodborne Pathogen - 11/14/17Regular Meeting - November 2017 - BWC Fraud Dept OverviewRegular Meeting - December 2017 - Brad Hurtig Inspiring Safer WorkplacesRegular Meeting - January 2018 - Fighting the Opiate EpidemicSeminar/Training - CPR, First Aid, AED, Bloodborne Pathogen - 1/23/18Seminar/Training - EPA Seminar - 1/30/18Regular Meeting - February 2018 - Focus on Machine Guarding, Lockout Tagout and OSHA TrendsSeminar/Training - Electrical Safety in the Workplace and Arc Flash Training - 2/26/18Seminar/Training - CPR, First Aid, AED, Bloodborne Pathogen - 3/13/18Regular Meeting - March 2018 - Crisis Management, Communications and Social Media for your OrganizatSeminar/Training - PERRP Seminar - 4/3/18Regular Meeting - April 2018 - The Cubicle Commando: HEALTHY BACKS & BODIES™ Office ErgonomicsSeminar/Training - Security Seminar - 4/26/18Seminar/Training - EPA Seminar - 5/1/18Seminar/Training - CPR, First Aid, AED, Bloodborne Pathogen - 5/3/18Regular Meeting - May 2018 - Power Under PressureSeminar/Training - Aerial Lift Training 5/22/18
Falls Heating & Cooling Inc.
X X   X  X    XXX  X  X       
Falls Stamping and Welding Co.
X     X  X    XCEOX  X  X       
Fastenal Co.
X     X XX    XXX  X  X       
Ferriot, Inc.
  X   X X      X   X  X       
Firestone Polymers
         X  X                 
CEO X   X  X     XX  X  X       
Four Corners Cleaning
      X  X    XCEOX  X  X       
Fred Martin Motor Company
                  XX  X       
General Die Casters, Inc.
X     X  X     X   X  X       
GOJO Industries
Goldsmith & Eggleton, Inc.
X X   X  X    XXX  X XX       
Goodwill Industries of Akron
X X   X  X  X XXX XX  X       
Great Work Employment Services
         X    XXX     X       
Harbor Castings, Inc.
X X   X  X    XX   X          
Harwick Standard Distribution Co...
         X      X X           
Harwood Rubber Products
CEO CEO   X  X     CEOX  CEO  X       
Hexpol Silicone Compounding
Hitachi Medical Systems America
               XX  X  X       
HOC Transport Company
X X   X  X XX XXX X   X       
Home Instead Senior Care
X X   X  X    X    X          
Home Preferred Home Health LTD
X X   CEO       X X  X  X       
HY-KO Products
X X   X  X    XX   X  X       
Hygenic Corporation
X     X  X    X    X  X       
ICP Adhesives & Sealants
X X   X  X      CEO  X  X       
Imperial Electric Co.
X X   CEO  X  X  XCEO XXX X       
Industrial Tube & Steel
X X   X  X    XXX     X       
Instantwhip - Akron Inc.
         X    XX   X  CEO       
Integrity Staffing Services
  X      X    XXX  X  X       
Integrity Technical Services
X X   X  X    X X  CEO  X       
J Bowers Construction
XX  X X  X X  XCEOX  CEO  X       
J. Craddock Construction
X CEO   X  X    CEOXX     CEO       
J. W. Didado Electric
X        X     XX  X  X       
Jewish Community Board of Akron
X     CEO  X    X X  X  X       
Jewish Community Center of Akron
X     X  CEO    XXX  X  X       
Jewish Family Service
X     CEO  X    XXX     X       
Jordan Power Equipment co.
X X   X  X    XXX             
JR Engineering
X X   X  X    XXX  X  X       
JRB Attachments
  X   X  X    XXX  X  X       
Karvo Paving Company
X X   X  X    XXX  X  X       
Karvo Trucking Ltd.
X X   X  X    XXX  X  X       
X X   X  X    X X  X  X       
Kobelco Stewart Bolling, Inc.
X X      X    XXX  X  X       
Kolenz Transport
X X   X  X    XXX  X  X       
Krumroy-Cozad Construction Corpo...
X X   X  X    XXX  X  X       
KYOCERA Hardcoating Technologies
KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools, Inc...
KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools, Inc...
KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools, Inc...
KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools, Inc...