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C.C. Supply
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Cam/RB, Inc. dba Arby's Roast Be...
Cardinal Rubber Co.
CEO X   X  X    XX
Cargill, Inc.
Cascade Auto Group, LTD
Cascade Insulation
CIMA Plastics
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City of Akron - Executive and Ad...
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City of Akron - Safety
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City of Akron - Services
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City of Barberton
X     X  X    XX
City of Cuyahoga Falls
X X   X  XX   XCEO
City of Fairlawn
X X   X  X  X XX
City of Hudson
X X   X  X X  XX
City of Macedonia
X   X X  X      
City of Norton
CEO X  X   X  X X 
City of Stow
  X   X  X    XX
City of Tallmadge
  X     XXX   XX
Clarion Inn
X     X         
Clinton Aluminum & Stainless Ste...
X X   X XX    XX
Coca-Cola Refreshments USA, Inc.
Coltene Whaledent
X XX XX        X
Community Health Center
Community Support Services
X X   X  X     X
Concordia at Sumner
X X   X  X    XX
Condor Services Corporation
CEO X   X  X    XX
Copley Township
X X   X  X    XX
Cornwell Quality Tools Co.
XX    X  X    XX
Corrosion Resistance, LTD
X X   X  X    XX
County of Summit - Engineer
X        X    X 
County of Summit - Executive
X X  XX  X  X XX
County of Summit - Sanitary Sewe...
X X XXX  X    XX
Coventry Township
X X   X  XX X XX
Crystal Arthritis Center, Inc.
  X   X  X  X  X
Cuyahoga Falls City School District
  X   X  X    XX
D.C. Transportation Services, Inc.
X X   X  X    XX
Data Cooling Technologies
Davis Printing Company
X X   X  X    X 
Direction Home Akron Canton
  X      X    XX
Drivers On Call, LLC
X X   X  X    XX
DTJ Enterprises
X X   X  X  X XX
E L Stone Company, Inc.
Eagle Elastomer
X X      X     X
Eberhard Manufacturing/Division ...
      X  X    XX
Ellet Neon Signs
X X   X  X    XX
Emerald Performance Materials, LLC
XXXX  X  X   XX 
Employ-Temps Staffing
X X   X  X    XX
      X X      X
Ewart-Ohlson Machine Company
X CEO   X  X    XX
Falls Filtration Technologies, Inc.
X X   CEOX X    XX